Sunday, April 7, 2013

Snooker Tips And Techniques On How To Be A Consistent Snooker Player

Having problems of being a consistent snooker player? Then read on to learn some snooker tips and techniques on how to be a consistent snooker player.

Follow these steps to become a more consistent player:
  1. Try to get in the habit of chalking the cue tip before each turn. Wipe your cue down with a damp cloth for a smooth touch. Also make sure your cue is screwed in tightly together.
  2. Make sure not to take too long on your shot, especially on a high break, as this could lead to over confident and could cause you to miss by a long shot.
  3. Don't close one of your eyes or look around, always walk to your shot because you could get mislead into the wrong shot.
  4. Shake off bad misses. Don't let misses disturb you as it could change your mental approach to the game and could cause you to go down the wrong path of the game. So stay strong when you miss and move on.
Some other things you need to know is that chewing gum or any kind of chewing could be a distraction as it could cause you to lose focus and miss your shot. Always put your chin on the cue when taking a shot. And remember EVERYONE IS DIFFERENT, learn and develop a cueing action. Also watch some snooker games to help improve your game.

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